Cereals Joint Mind Conference Topics

Session I:

1. Title: Directing to agriculture and food supply and demand in the world economy; measures and threats to Turkey; Sector, how to double export volume in 5 years?

2.Title: Location of restructuring, promotion, advertising and incentives in the development of exports; Is the restructuring of the Union a necessity for the development of exports, renaming the Union, changing the name of a requirement? A further specialization in exporters' associations is a necessity; Needs and solutions for the corporate identity and perception of the Union; Promotion and advertising strategies that can be followed in export products for the area of the Union; Strategies to create correct and effective awareness in public; general situation of the incentives;.

Session II:

1.Title: Management of costs in terms of competitive opportunities of exports; Raw materials, intermediates, labor, energy, the course of financing costs, opportunities and threats in export-based production; Domestic raw materials and intermediate product shortages and solutions, financial measures for exchange rates; threats and risks in the production of raw materials and intermediate products for production; raw material price instability in domestic and foreign markets; strategies and recommendations for reducing the costs of exports and managing them more effectively.

2.Title: The position of legislation in the development of exports; General and special problems in bureaucratic transactions of exports, deficiencies in technical legislation, follow-up of legislation in export markets, solutions.

Session III:

1.Title: Target market strategies for the present and future of exports; Methods and recommendations for target country research; Risks, threats and solutions for the export volume in terms of not being able to find enough customers, not determining a destination country, economic conditions in countries, high tariffs and non-tariff barriers; opportunities for target markets.

2.Title: R & D, design and innovation role in the development of exports; The challenges of developing new products in the sector and in the fields, solutions and strategies; Strategies and recommendations for improving the quality of exports; challenges, solutions and opportunities for R & D, Ur-ge and New Design production.

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