R&D, Role of Design and Innovation in the Development of Exports

Nowadays, businesses are in a struggle for survival under the pressure of intense competition in national and international markets, regardless of their geographical location and scale. Businesses need to ensure a consistently competitive advantage against their competitors in order to survive and perform.

In this challenging competitive environment of today, enterprises that can ensure the continuity of R & D activities and implement their innovations can only achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Countries that have achieved a sustainable competitive advantage can reach a high level of prosperity and a high level of economic and social welfare.

One step of being competitive at national or regional level is to make technology foresight and development plans. The main determinants of innovation are the environmental triggers created by innovation. One of the factors that determine the innovation capacity of a country is the construction of an eco-system that supports innovation, not only individual talents, or superior entrepreneurs or public support is not enough for innovation.

We can identify the obstacles to R & D and innovation as structural factors, the role and power of the public, legislation and ön public supports Ar. We have to determine that the most important actor of the innovation ecosystem is the state and that the arrangements, the incentives and supports given directly affect the players of the innovation eco-system. In some areas, technology development or transfer processes are not possible without state mechanisms, on the other hand, the elimination of regional development differences and the development of sectors should be carried out under the leadership of the state.

States have the power to influence markets as beneficiaries and buyers of innovations and technology, and state-company collaborations in an intensely global competitive environment. Public should play a role as a guiding, transformative, facilitator and eco-system developer

If we take into consideration Turkey’s economic condition in which the moment, the only way out is to increase production from the crisis and new products produced it seems to be exported to foreign markets. To this end, our companies need to develop export and marketing strategies, focus on these strategies and establish plans to increase their market share, not profit margins.

What makes a difference in a free market economy where all entrepreneurs struggle on equal terms? When asked, we need to answer as long-term strategies.

Long-term strategies “As one of the top executives of Honda says, the long-term meaning of the company culture is’ always Uzun. This means that it is clear; firms that develop global business strategies will be more advantageous in the competition as they will be easier to hold in the market they enter.

In this context, it is necessary to regulate the conditions for providing financial payment methods to the firms by the state.

Eximbank insurance and World trade also have 80% use of guarantee funds and factoring companies that will make the payment of goods more reliable, structural adjustments should be made.

Developing an effective global marketing strategy to protect against adverse conditions has some basis, and this strategy should be addressed more safely and effectively by the union.

  • Playing major markets
  • Standardization in standard core product ”
  • Concentration of high value activities in a small number of countries
  • Implementation of a uniform marketing program
  • Integration of competition strategies between countries
  • Exports also have unique advantages, such as easier capital in relation to domestic trade, and benefit from official assistance.Turkey is the world’s 18th to be a great country and its population being of agriculture and livestock resources to feed with its own production, our foreign trade despite the presence on the trade routes has remained the world’s foreign trade of thousand 4-5 ratio, and it is obvious that there is far under what our potential is as shown.

By using some of the successful products as leverage, the positive image and the market share can be followed.

Hazelnuts, Figs, Apricots, olive oil etc.

In order to be assertive in exportation, we have to give importance to R & D studies and this should be supported.

We need to focus on the parties we are strong and we need to establish strong authorized country Export management offices in the target markets for our mission and heritage from our history.

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