Target Market Strategies for Export Today and Future

In the present century, especially the internet is developing and spreading very fast, and the exporters’ marketing strategies in parallel with these developments make it a suitable structure.

Economic, technological and political developments in the world make it necessary to develop new export strategies in order to create new opportunities in terms of export companies and to evaluate these opportunities.

Service quality as well as product quality has begun to take its place among the prerequisites of successful competition in international markets and nowadays most of the companies have achieved to produce high quality products.

Today, the competition between firms has become measurable with the quality of the product and the quality of the services provided.

Companies operating in the international markets are focused on strategic determination in order to supply this product at reasonable prices at the time and place desired by the customer, based on the concepts of customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

Foreign market research is the collection and analysis of data in a market environment that differs from aspects such as language, culture and social pleasures. It also collects data to assist in making decisions when marketing a particular product in any foreign market.

If we determine the purpose of the research as follows:

To find the characteristics of the foreign market that are different from the domestic market,
Minimizing uncertainties,

The fact that the studies are directed towards this brings success with the right planning.

It is essential to consider the following when planning.

Completion in reasonable time

  • Contains up-to-date information (not validated)
  • Detailed (use of accurate and reliable sources)
  • Must be controllable
  • Complete with minimum costs
  • Accurate analysis of informationIf we can determine our strengths correctly and we do market research for them, we will increase our international sales figures and in parallel we can benefit our country.
  • Young Population
  • Geoeconomic Location
  • Understanding the Importance of Exports
  • Advanced Banking System
  • Contracting Services
  • Our history and cultural ties
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