What is Export?

Export means the sale / shipment of goods and services in free circulation within a country (grown, produced or imported from other countries) to other countries.

Actual Exports: The examination of the goods subject to exportation under the provisions of the customs legislation shall be carried out and the other means to be accepted as the actual export by the customs legislation or the completion of the loading in other parts of the warehouse or other goods coming from one place or various places.

A Sale must have the following properties to count:

– Sales to a foreign country

– Obligation to comply with the conditions imposed by bilateral and multilateral trade agreements

– There is a foreign currency in shopping

– Transportation of goods

– Customs duties on importation of goods into the destination country, value added tax and other taxes, if any, and other formalities

– Insuring the goods against the risks that may be exposed from the place of origin to the destination, the introduction of the banking system in the collection of payments / fees

– Compliance with the conditions required to benefit from export supports

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